Effective Natural Weight Loss Tips

Many people have a tendency to start consuming artificial weight loss tablets or using hot belts to reduce fats deposits in the body, but they are unaware of the side effects of the pills and hot belts. People should start reducing weight firstly, by implementing natural techniques to burn calorie that have no side effects. Below are some effective natural weight loss tips that have no side effects:

1. Drink water

Drink more water to reduce weight. Metabolism rate is boosted by approximately 24-30% and this helps to burn more calories when you intake more water. Secondly drinking water about half an hour before a meal also helps to consume fewer calories and can help in weight loss by up to 44%. You should take eight or more than eight glasses of water regularly.

2. A good protein breakfast or eggs

Eating eggs for breakfast can help you to reduce weight as it will help you to reduce calorie intake for next 36 hours. You can also eat protein rich food other than eggs in the breakfast.

3. Black coffee

A good quality coffee has antioxidants and boost body metabolism by 3-11 percent and increase fat burning up to 10-20 percent. However, avoid adding sugar or any high-calorie items.

4. Green tea

Green tea also helps to reduce weight as it contains powerful antioxidants and a small amount of coffee. Anti-oxidants within the caffeine help to burn fat in the body. It is also suggested to take two to three cups both green tea as a supplement to help to reduce body weight.

5. Replace your cooking oil with coconut oil

Coconut oil contains medium chain glycerides fats. It contributes to boosting our metabolism rate by 120 calories and reduces appetite to restrict intake of calories by up to 256 per day.

6. Glucomannan supplement

A fiber glucomannan is proved to induce effective weight loss. It absorbs water and gives you the feeling of satiety, and then you eat fewer calories. It is reflected that people who take this supplement loose more weight than who don’t take this supplement.

7. Reduce sugar intake

Added sugar is the worst ingredient in our daily lives that is associated with obesity and diabetes. You should avoid taking added sugars in your diet. Make sure to read the labels of the food as many health foods contain sugar.

8. Use small plates

Using small plates helped people to reduce weight. Many people are trained to eat a full plate. Reducing the plate size can benefit them to eat fewer calories.

9. Maintain a food diary

It is important to keep the record of what you are eating as it gives you an awareness of what you are eating is healthy or not. It helps in portion control or counting calorie and thus can prove healthy for you.

10. Keep healthy food in case of hunger

If you feel hungry, then do not rush to eat junk food rather keep whole fruit, yogurt, boiled egg or any portable food item to eat. It would help you to eat healthy calories.

11. Cardio aerobic exercises

Cardio Aerobic exercise also contributes to burning calories. They are particularly helpful for belly fats and fats around the organs.